Product Care

We travel the world to source materials for our collections, spanning many countries and cultures to find the perfect components. Castellano pieces are embroidered with Swarovski crystals, seed beaded fringes and lace fabrics, rhinestone and beaded trims. We hold both our rhinestones and trim to the highest possible standards. Stunning and the best quality characterise all our handmade products. CaASTELLANO bracelets and Mochilas bags with Swarovski crystals will vary between the different collections and designs, but each piece is produced following a premium standard of production.

CASTELLANO creations are the ultimate in luxury costume handicrafts, and like all precious treasures need to be handled as such. We add the Swarovski crystals by hand creating exclusive designs and patterns. We insure that they are permanent attach and will not come off of your bracelets and bags. The handwoven bags and bracelets can naturally diminish over time but with the proper love and care your CASTELLANO pieces will remain beautiful for years to come.

If you wish to clean your virgin or luxury Mochila bag or any other accessories we recommend to Hand wash in cold water with soft detergent. Air-dry.