Scoop show London Saatchi gallery

Weve just closed up our stall at the amazing Scoop International Fashion Trade Show in London. This was held from the 2-4th at the Saatchi gallery. It was a wonderful event which spread over three floors of the gallery and housed some of the best unique fashion brands of the moment. Castellano is very proud of our success from the show, and it was particularly amazing meeting such enthusiastic new buyers from all over the world. Our stall was full of colour and sparkles from our Swarovski crystals, and the common feedback was theyre stunning. It was hard not to feel honoured to be part of it.

We also met some really inspiring brands and had fun styling our bags with their clothing. We loved meeting Ruth Erotokritou Knitwear. Her colour scheme fitted our bags so perfectly; it was hard to believe they hadnt been designed at the same time! Another favourite was the vegan leather jacket from blaze studio. Meeting like minded brands shows that together we can slowly change the attitude in the fashion industry; we need to be responsible and think of a sustainable future. Fashion should not just be about consumption and waste.