Let's kick off 2017 with good vibes! Kickstarter rewards on its way!

February 15, 2017

Let's kick off 2017 with good vibes! Kickstarter rewards on its way!

Hello Guys!

It has been a while since my last update! I hope you have had a great festive period with your family and friends!

I am now in Colombia writing this post from Bogotá, having just came back from a 10 day trip in the Guajira desert with the Wayuu tribe.

I am extremely excited to tell you that the production of the textiles for our Wayuu backpacks has started. 50 Wayuu artisans are now weaving the patters you selected from the surveys with each piece taking 20 days to be made! We hope to receive the material by the end of February and spend the next couple of months adding the leather details and finishing touches. We are on track to deliver the backpacks early in May, just in time for the summer! Backers of the Wayuu bracelets and crossbody bags will have their products ready slightly earlier with orders due to be shipped at the beginning of March.

I also would like to share the following videos and images from the water donations we did this week to the Wayuu people, keeping with our social mission and values. Each water tank was filled with 1,000 litres of water; we provided 25,000 litres to 4 communities, in turn supporting 200 lives.

Thank you very much for being part of our project and supporting our mission, small steps can lead to big changes.

Love Daniela

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Check Video:

Water donnation Jan 2017 from CASTELLANO ETHNIC ORIGINS on Vimeo.


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