Castellano's Journal // December

December 14, 2016

Hi guys,

It’s Daniela here, I will be giving you a quick update on December and rounding off 2016, what a year!

To begin with, I want to thank each and every one of you who has supported me through Kickstarter, raising awareness and raising pass my goal fund. Massive thank you! The Kickstarter has helped me not only to grow my business, but also raise awareness on Ethical fashion and how we all can make an impact just by changing the way we shop.

I decided to create a Kickstarter campaign to get support for the project. The campaign ensured to show the support for Colombian hand craftsmanship and empower indigenous women. The project’s one goal with this Kickstarter is to change lives. With every pledge that happened, it supports and provides for indigenous women in Colombia, supporting local artisans and preserving hand craftsmanship.

I am so grateful that there has been a lot of awareness about my brand. The press has successfully seen my hard work and helped me spread the word about Castellano Ethnic Origins. The positive feedback from the press and everyone has given me more determination and passion to carry on.

Now, just recently, we moved offices to Chelsea. Very stylish and fashionable area, perfect to blend in and giving Castellano Ethnic Origins a trendy office. A new refreshing start in a new environment is perfect.

Also, as I am writing, I am preparing to jet off to Colombia in the evening. I will be going back home to begin the production of the Wayuu Backpacks, while also creating new designs for a new collection of handbags. I have decided that I will be creating bags that are more simple and sophisticated, all made with Leather. I want to move into the leather goods market and expand Castellano Ethnic Origins. With this, my growing range of product will have something for everyone.

Thanks to the funds from Kickstarter and its great success, when I am in Colombia, I will be working on my social mission, on providing over 10,000 litres of clean water to more than 10 villages in Wayuu. I will be upload videos on my channel when I visit the villages and give them clean water, and keep you all updated on our mission. You can purchase water bracelets from our website by clicking on following link.

So that’s it, the end of 2016 has been a great success for me and the brand, and after a long time of hard work, I can finally relax and soak in the greatest highlights of this year.

Once again, Thank you for all the support and love we have been getting, we couldn’t thank you all enough.

Have a wonderful Christmas vacation and may the new year bring happiness to you.

See you all next year.

Daniela x



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