BREAKING NEWS: Business is being relocated to NYC! oh yeah!

June 28, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Business is being relocated to NYC! oh yeah!

Dear friends,

Let me give you a quick update on what is going on in CASTELLANO'S world:

1. BREAKING NEWS: Business is being relocated to NYC! After 5 years in England I am moving to USA permanently, I will relocate my office to MANHATTAN. We will keep UK warehouse and a team in London who will take care of our European orders and distribution. The business will keep going as normal.

2. I'm very happy to announce that all our backpacks have been shipped to backers in the US and UK. With this being our last shipment, I feel proud to deliver all rewards on time to more than 233 backers who supported my campaign and helped around 200 Wayuu women with jobs in Colombia. Supporting indigenous weaving techniques and keeping alive the Wayuu heritage/culture is our vision, thank you again for sharing our dream.

3. Castellano's bags and bracelets are now stocked in 5 beach clubs/boutiques in Ibiza! Our mission is spreading. If you visit Ibiza please check our bags at Experimental beach club, Cotton beach, La Galleria Elefante, Tanit Beach and Nikki Beach.

4. Due to my relocation, I'm doing a 40% Flash Sale. That's right, we are giving you a 40% discount to all our products available on our ONLINE SHOP. Maybe you or any of your friends have fallen in love with our beach bag, festival bracelets, clutch bag or cross body bag but haven't got time or the money to buy one, this will be a good opportunity!

Please use the code > summersale < at check out to get 40% off! we have free shipping in the UK and standard rate of £10 to USA shipping!

I leave you with some cool pictures of my latest trips in Ibiza and Croatia!

P.S Website prices will change to USD from mid July 2017 and we will have free US shipping as we will plan to open our first warehouse in the US.

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